HYDRAMEMORY WATER SOURCE SERUM Refillable hydration boosting serum

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A waterfall of hydration in a bottle. The new Hydramemory Water Source Serum is a fresh, light serum with a quenching formula that provides hydration and glow even to the most dehydrated and dull skin.
The fast-absorbing texture makes this product the perfect match to boost the efficacy of the Rich and Light Sorbet Creams. The vegan formula is enriched with SKIN-ADAPTIVE HYDRATION technology: Prickly Pear Extract from organic regenerative agriculture, Macro Hyaluronic Acid*, and biomimetic texture give immediate smoothness and plumpness to the skin.


Its refillable packaging is a sustainable solution to reduce environmental impact**. 97.9% natural-origin ingredients

*sodium hyaluronate
**-91% of packaging weight when you buy the refill vs. the first purchase